By Kristin Kullberg posted on June 20, 2017

6 Tips For Working Out in Public

Working out in public can be daunting, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fitness guru.  Working out in a gym is technically still "in public" but it's expected that you workout while you're there, but what about doing a workout in a park? It feels a lot different doesn't it? We worry about whether people are watching us, we get self-conscious, and if you're like me you won't work as hard because you're too busy worrying about other people. This is unfortunate because outdoor workouts are so invigorating and are a great way to switch things up and get some vitamin D at the same time. So, her are my 6 tips for making outdoor workouts a bit easier:

1.  Wear clothes that you're comfortable in: this goes both ways, if you aren't comfortable in shorts, a sports bra, or exposed skin, then don't wear that! Wear  a T-shirt, or leggings, or sweats if that's what you feel best in! On the other hand, if it makes you feel confident to show off your hard earned abs, then by all means do. 

2.  Bring a friend: partner workouts are fun and great for keeping each other accountable.  It also takes the pressure off and will help you feel more at ease.

3.  Smile and wave: if you see someone staring at you, don't assume they're judging you, they might be super impressed by you, but regardless, just smile and wave.  By acknowledging them you're letting them know that you are confident, and they will probably feel way more awkward than you do knowing that you saw them watching.

4.  Wear a hat: it's like a horse wearing blinders, it keeps you focused on the task at hand and makes you feel less exposed

5.  Bring music: whether it's headphones or a portable speaker, listening to music will help you focus and distract you from the thought that people are around.

6.  Lastyl, STOP GIVING A DAMN: who cares if someone sees you working out? You're bettering yourself, what is there to judge about that? Also, you're likely never going to see these people again anyway, so do you, live authentically, and kill that workout!