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60 Second Read: New Year, New You - Part 1

As the holidays come and go, and the new year approaches, it's a very popular time for people to begin thinking about their fitness goals for the coming year. Everyone wants to start the year off strong and says "this will be the year that I get in shape"...

Supermarket Shortcuts for Busy Athletes

"Quick" and "easy" are the favorite words of a busy athlete when it comes to preparing healthy food. Not everyone likes "meal prep" and eating the same re-heated meals all week, but having healthy foods that are easily accessible is key to staying on track during your busy days. These supermarket shortcuts will make healthy eating so simple!

My Story & The Disparities Between Health and Fitness

As a society, we have a very skewed vision of what healthy and "fit" is. Ideally, health and fitness should occur simultaneously, but in our image-driven society, we place so much emphasis on physical appearance that true health often gets neglected. The opinions of health professionals often contradict those of fitness professionals, which leads to a lot of confusion and extreme ideals. Fitness and health are not the same. In order to be truly healthy, you should be somewhat fit, but as I was on the left, it’s very common to be fit but extremely unhealthy. 

Recipe: Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

These little muffins are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan AND they come in at just about 60 calories a pop, so they're perfect little grab-and-go snacks!

Why is Physical Activity So Important in Childhood

It's not secret that we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. We're eating more and exercising less, and it's especially evident in kids. Since 1999, childhood obesity rates have steadily climbed from 13% to 17% in 2017. With the influx of technology and the decrease of physical activity in schools, along with America's obsession with fast-food, there are a lot of factors to blame. Comorbidities associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes, are similar in children as in adults, thus being overweight during childhood means comorbidities will worsen for an additional one to two decades. 

How to Beat Late-Night Cravings

Let’s paint a picture: you’ve eaten well all day, just had dinner a few hours ago and were feelin’ pretty good, and then—BAM—you’re like a rabid raccoon searching for any sweets you can get your hands on. Sound familiar?
Yeah, we’ve all been there. “Nighttime is by far the most common time to have cravings or feel hungrier,” says Scott Isaacs, MD, an endocrinologist at Emory University and author of Beat Overeating Now! 

Stop Living Your Life in Numbers

We are addicted to numbers. We feel the need to quantify every aspect of our lives. Think about it…how often do you catch yourself beating yourself up because you didn’t hit your PR in your sport? Or, seeing the weight on the scale and being disappointed in yourself? If we’re being honest, we’ve all been guilty of this at one point or another.  When you view life from the perspective of numbers, nothing will ever be good enough.

Cutting Through the Noise:
How to Make Fitness Simple

Back when I was first getting into fitness, I would wander the gym aimlessly. I stuck only to the elliptical and machines because I didn’t know anything about cables or free weights, and bodyweight exercises were not my jam (I was mentally scarred from high school track conditioning). I never had a plan, never knew which exercises to do or how many reps/sets to do; I would just kind of wing it and then go get donuts at the Tim Hortons across the street. Not surprisingly, I got zero results...

7 Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

We live in a fast-paced world where we are often over-worked, stressed, and fatigued. We are surrounded by unhealthy fast-food and likely sit at a desk all day long, and these things can catch up to you! When I was younger I was very active, but my lifestyle wasn't healthy. I ate a pack of Hot Fudge Sundae Poptarts and a bottle of Voltage Mountain Dew for breakfast every day, followed by pizza and cookies for lunch, and probably another Mountain Dew later in the day. I got 5 hours of sleep and was always on-the-go. I maintained this lifestyle for several years without a problem, but eventually I got run-down....

Healthy Watermelon Margaritas

These watermelon margaritas are perfect for a hot summer day. They are refreshing and super quick to make, and they're healthy too! The watermelon really sweetens it up so no heavy syrups are needed, only a tiny bit of sugar! Make these at your next cookout and they're sure to be a hit!

6 Tips for Working Out in Public

Working out in public can be daunting, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fitness guru. Working out in a gym is technically still "in public" but it's expected that you workout while you're there, but what about doing a workout in a park? It feels a lot different doesn't it? We worry about whether people are watching us, we get self-conscious, and if you're like me you won't work as hard because you're too busy worrying about other people....

The Power of Habit Stacking

Imagine how much happier you would be if you never had to “diet” again. If you never had to count calories, feel guilty, workout to “work off that brownie you just ate”, or restrict yourself because you’re going to the beach in a week, what would that feel like? You know when you’re going on vacation in a week, but you procrastinated on your diet, so now you’re feeling self-conscious about how you’ll look in a bikini? What if you never had to feel that way again? What if you never had to stress about going out to eat?...

Why Your Diet Isn't Working

Do you ever cringe at the word "diet"? It's like a gremlin that follows you around and takes away your fun, right? How many times have you tried to diet and either gave up or just didn't see results? Well, you're not alone. The weight loss industry is a 20 billion dollar industry, with 108 million people on a diet, and most attempting to diet 5 times per year. Yet we are still overweight and self-conscious. It's a confusing world out there, and to make it worse, we are thrown into the overcomplicated mess of diets with obscure names....

How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

Carbohydrates: the oh-so controversial topic flooding the internet these days. Actually, this topic has been debated relentlessly for years, gaining most of its traction when the low-carb Atkins Diet came alive. Since the 1970s there has been a sort of ebb and flow in opinions about carbs. When Dr. Atkins proposed that carbs were a major contributor to disease, we all feared carbs like it was the plague. We then transitioned into a phase of “eat carbs or die”...

Social Media is Toxic to Your Self-Esteem

With the rise of the media, we constantly feel an intense societal pressure to be a certain way. Society tells us to “be ourselves”, but in the same breath it tells us that we aren’t good enough. It says we need to have a thin waist, a toned body, a well-paying job, perfect shiny hair, glowing skin, and a picture perfect family. Magazines show us cover-to-cover images of photoshopped women with unrealistic body proportions. The fitness industry bombards us with fad diets, skinny teas, and celebrity trainers who promise “10 minutes to a six pack”...

7 Lies About Weightloss

Weight loss and nutrition can be confusing, and that's because there's a lot of false information on the internet. It seems as though your doctor says one thing, your mom says another, and your friend has her opinion about a program that worked so well for her, so how do we know what is actually true? Having a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition helps me to sift through it all, but without this type of education how are you supposed to know? We all know the internet isn't always the most reliable source of information...

Why I Started Doing Yoga

I used to think yoga was dumb, and judged any yogis out there assuming they were all vegan hippies who practice Buddhism and protest for world peace (not that there is anything wrong with vegans, hippies, or Buddhists, this is just the stereotype that I associated with yoga). I clearly remember my boyfriend and I conversing about yoga and I said “I don’t do any of that pussy shit”. He still quotes me on that to this day. I thought I was too much of a badass for yoga, but I failed to acknowledge my anxiety, my poor flexibility, my aches and pains, and my grinding joints....